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Rocket Software cuts Snowflake

spend by 30% and streamlines

cloud DataOps with 8knots

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Rocket Software, founded in 1990, is a global technology company that specializes in developing enterprise software solutions to help businesses modernize their technical infrastructure. Their product portfolio includes solutions for data management, application modernization, and enterprise integration, catering to industries such as finance, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Rocket has long recognized the importance of data-driven decision-making. The company operates on a modern cloud stack with Snowflake for data warehousing, FiveTran for ETL, Looker for business intelligence, and Databricks for modeling. Reports and dashboards built on top of this data stack power critical decisions across every department in the company.
Parag Shah
Sr. Director of Data and Analytics 
at Rocket Software 

“Our cloud data stack is designed

to give data users access to the

insights they need – when they

need them. That’s a source of competitive advantage. But it’s

also a driver of a lot of complexity.”

The challenge 
Parag’s team is responsible for managing the overall cost and performance of
Rocket’s data management infrastructure. And that’s become exponentially more difficult as the number of users and data products has exploded in recent years.
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Like many Snowflake customers, Rocket has seen its bill increase
over time as its data storage and access needs have evolved with
a proliferation of new reports and dashboards. This creates clear challenges around cost containment.
It also makes it hard to enforce best practices and ensure efficiency around data flows, waste removal, query design, and workload optimization.
Rocket had experienced firsthand the challenges of a slow and manual optimization process. Issues like cost spikes or latency had to be identified, then prioritized, then researched, and finally addressed in production – which could itself involve significant guesswork around the cost/performance tradeoff.
Parag Shah
Sr. Director of Data and Analytics 
at Rocket Software 

“Our data team is skilled and

highly experienced with Snowflake,

but there’s never enough time to

take a step back and focus on achieving optimal execution.”

The solution:
8knots as Rocket’s DataOps co-pilot
Rocket came across 8knots while looking for a solution to streamline and optimize its Snowflake deployment.
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8knots is an ML-powered co-pilot for cloud DataOps
The platform analyzes vast amounts of daily Snowflake metadata and generates recommendations to reduce cost and improve performance. 8knots’ deep expertise in cloud data management and heavy data science focus made the company a natural choice of partner for Rocket.
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Rocket provided 8knots with an extract of historical Snowflake metadata
8knots’ optimization engine began mining the dataset for cost savings, performance improvement and waste removal opportunities.
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Rocket immediately gleaned valuable insights into its Snowflake deployment
Within days of go-live, the company was able to recognize significant cost savings by improving virtual warehouse utilization and optimizing their provisioning to the actual workloads.
Parag Shah
Sr. Director of Data and Analytics 
at Rocket Software 

“The time to value was unmatched. Within one month of engaging with 8knots, we had saved 30% on our Snowflake deployment.”

Beyond initial wins, Rocket continues
to rely on 8knots for monitoring and optimization of its cloud data stack
The most valuable insights include: 
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Parag Shah
Sr. Director of Data and Analytics 
at Rocket Software 

“8knot’s recommendations have enabled us to go from manual analysis to aligning on a course of action in a single conversation. My team can save 10 hours per issue previously spent researching optimization opportunities –

a 90% time savings.”

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