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Cut through DataOps complexity

8knots is the Cloud DataOps co-pilot that finally puts you in control of your cloud data utilization, workflows, and resources – so you can get more out of your cloud data stack.

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Trusted by modern data teams
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20 mins

Time from data integration to go-live with 8knots

8knots benefits

Your Cloud DataOps


Average cost savings identified across the cloud data stack


No more “troubleshooting Fridays” with 8knots insights 

Take back control of your Snowflake deployment

Get detailed insights into resource consumption—down to individual users, workloads, tools, and dashboards. Detect anomalies, track changes, and codify tribal knowledge.

Gain ultimate visibility and foresight

Our unique impact model simulates every change so you can see the potential impact throughout your environment before you make it.

Save time and cost

Actionable, ML-powered insights at your fingertips to optimize workloads and resources for efficiency – while keeping you in complete control.

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Parag Shah
Sr. Director, Data & Analytics
Rocket Software

"8knot’s recommendations have enabled us to go from manual analysis to aligning on a course of action in a single conversation. My team can save 10 hours per issue previously spent researching optimization opportunities – a 90% time savings. And the time-to-value is unmatched. Within one month of engaging with 8knots, we had saved 30% on our Snowflake deployment."

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Oren Kazaz
 Head of Analytics, Anyword

“Since onboarding 8knots' web app to monitor our Snowflake activity, we have seen dramatic improvements. Their precise recommendations, highlighting cost-saving opportunities with minimal performance trade-offs, have allowed us to cut daily costs by 55%, all while maintaining full control of our workflows. Their ability to deliver such impactful results swiftly has made them an invaluable part of our data team's continuous effort to improve our operational efficiency.”

Only 8knots delivers continuous, machine learning-powered recommendations for immediately improving the efficiency and reducing the cost of your cloud data stack. 

Remove the guesswork from your DataOps

Instantly simulate the impacts of any change, so you can understand the implications for your environment, performance, cost, and user experience. 

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See 8knots
in action

Get recommendations for immediately improving the efficiency and reducing the cost of your cloud data stack

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About 8knots

Founded by former tech leaders at the global hedge fund D.E. Shaw, and backed by the D.E. Shaw group’s venture studio DESCOvery, 8knots is transforming how data leaders take control of the modern cloud data stack. 
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